Our shoes are true to size. If you wear a size 8, buy a size 8. For half sizes like 8 1/2, opt for size 9. Keep in mind that our handmade shoes may feel tight across the toes initially but typically stretch to provide a comfortable fit. However, if you have unique feet, consider visiting us for a fitting.

We use the US Postal Service and usually ship orders within 2 days for its insurance, tracking, and convenience.

Kilim Shoes Fit:
Buy your usual size. Our shoes are handmade on wooden 'lasts,' resulting in slight variations based on the kilim's thickness. They generally fit like your other shoes and will stretch slightly in width over time.

Tight Toes Explanation:
Our shoes may feel tight initially due to the hand-spun yarns and variations in kilim thickness. They'll stretch as they mold to your feet, which is particularly beneficial for those with unique foot shapes.

Upcycled Product:
Yes, our products are upcycled, utilizing every part of the kilim to minimize waste.

Color Accuracy:
We try our best to display accurate colors, but monitor settings may vary.

Durability of Kilim Loafers:
With proper care (avoiding rain, snow, salted sidewalks), our kilim loafers can last for years. Regularly replace worn leather soles and heels for extended life.

Cleaning Kilim Shoes:
To maintain color and cleanliness, use a solution of white vinegar and warm water or mild baby shampoo for oil stains. Address stains promptly for best results.

Spray Protectant Note:
While using a spray protectant can safeguard your shoes, be aware of potential unexpected reactions due to natural fibers and dyes. Individual results may vary, and we cannot be responsible for any resulting damages.

Yes, you can resole our shoes when needed, which is recommended for longevity.

What Is Kilim:
Kilim is a traditional handwoven flat weave used for various items, sourced from Central Asia and North Africa. Our kilim is obtained from Turkish markets, showcasing variations in color and patterns.

Repairing Unraveling or Snags:
Use a large curved needle to secure loose areas. We'll replace clear defects on new shoes but minor repairs can add character over time.

What Is Suzani:
Suzani is a decorative fabric stitched with intricate designs, often used as wall hangings or gifts. Our suzani shoes will stretch over time.

What Is Silk Ikat:
Silk ikat is woven fabric with unique patterns created from dyed and bundled yarn. It stretches less than kilim but molds to your feet.

Why Linen Towels:
Linen towels have natural color, durability, and absorbency advantages over cotton. They're fast-drying and sand-resistant, making them perfect for the beach.

Merino Wool Benefits:
Merino wool offers softness, odor resistance, and vibrant colors, making it ideal for everyday garments.

Leather Types:
Saddle leather, bridle leather, and veg-tan leather all refer to premium oil-tanned leather. We use only premium oil-tanned leather, not the cheaper, lower-quality Chromium Alkaloid-tanned leather used in some belts.

Final Note:
We aim to provide a great shopping experience but cannot guarantee internet or network reliability. Returns are accepted in good condition for a full refund.

Additional Questions?
Email us at Jwilderimport@gmail.com, and we'll respond promptly.