The Events

The Events

Our Events- Brimfield 2023

We market by attending events. We visit our customers and they can browse our selection, try on the shoes or belts. This hands on approach validates that are products are high quality and handmade not just some clever internet marketing scheme.  These events may be polo, steeplechase, 3 day-eventing, car shows, boat shows and even flower shows.  Instead of sitting lying in wait at a old town shopping district at the docks of a summer resort we prefer to make annual trips to various events.

 One of our favorite event is the Brimfield Show also know as the Brimfield Antique Flea Market in Brimfield, Mass. It is an annual event and held three times  for about one week in May, July and September. It is massive event sprawling out over 250 acres. It is antique everything from tools, to beds, carpets, mirrors, to silverware and maps.

 We are located close to the vintage clothes section close to the town square and the classic New England tall white church steeple. The massive Brimfield event is navigated by the 'fields'. We are in Sturdevant Field.

Brimfield is a terrific mix of antique hunters, decorator fantasy items, odd tools, hidden treasures in need of refurbishing, and some plain old junk. It is one of the world's great treasure hunts. Our kilim shoes are upcycled and well received by folks that see the beauty in the natural dyes and classic rug patterns.

Of course, the shoes and belts compliment each other in spite of origins on different continents. The hand woven Turkish towels and hand loomed linen scarves are one of a kind, again appreciated by those that love textiles.

If have read this far and you have never visited Brimfield maybe add it to your bucket list. Keep in mind you cannot see in all in a day and it seems to rain one day every year so bring good shoes and rain gear.

Happy Antique Hunting and we hope to see you there.


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