Pop Ups, Trunk Shows, Holiday Boutiques, Vintage Flea Markets, Steeplechase

Pop Ups, Trunk Shows, Holiday Boutiques, Vintage Flea Markets, Steeplechase

The Why and Where of What we do!

Really- who wants to buy shoes online it seems a excellent way to give yourself a headache. BUT--We market in person with products because our limited edition smoking shoes, gaucho belts and hand loomed items are best sold in the light of day.

We bring the shoes to our market via pop up events and short shows in order that our buyers see the fabrics, get the correct fit and truly understand just how special these loafers, smoking shoes and slides are. Our shoes and belts are beautifully and consistently produced. The shoes are all built on the same lasts and the sizes are uniform.

We make limited edition bespoke shoes for Women & Men. Seldom do the images really show how special our colors can be.  Our editions are limited to only 9 or 14 shoes but other times we may have as many as 29 pairs cut from one fabric. It depends on what we see, it depends on the size of the piece that is the appeal, that is the problem we place with inventory.

To see our products, hold and try them on is the best marketing for us. The smell of leather, fresh air and sunshine; it is much better than being stuck in store front. We love the different crowds, we love to work with returning customers and given our kilim loafer's uniqueness the sun is the best lighting. Also, we travel to Istanbul and Morocco several other countries in the winter and we seem to find treasures to bring back for our shows which is an added aspect of the shop.

We attend shows during the spring, summer and into the fall.  We travel a fair amount but we now have a solid following at many places we show. The customer owns a one pair, wants another pair of smoking shoes or mules. They want a pair for another family member, or as a gift. Now is the time, we are there only once a year. Once a year and only if weather permitting for some outdoor venues.

Each venue is different. Brimfield Antique Fair is 5 sales days outdoors and it seems to rain at least for one day we are there. We love sport horses. We do several polo events along the east coast. A polo game is only 45 minutes but the tailgate parties go all afternoon. We also have several Steeplechase races that we attend. A race card can be three or four hours. Then there is the Hampton Flea Market in the Hamptons that is a really a great Vintage show. We do Brooklyn Flea that always has a steady stream of tourists taking in the sites in NYC.  The list is different each year but we will try to post our schedule neat the end of January.

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